Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.9ML 20/05/2012 02:03:52

On May 20, 2012 at 04:03 Italian time, a 5.9ML earthquake hit a broad area of the Emilia Po-Plain between the Modena, Ferrara, Rovigo and Mantova provinces. The epicenter located by INGV  Lat: 44.89 Long: 11.23 at a depth of 6.3km,Strada Provinciale Imperiale, 41034 Finale Emilia Modena.
Severe damage occurred mainly in the historical parts of the towns and in the industrial areas. 7 fatalities (4 direct, 3 indirect (heart attacks)), around 50 injured, 6000 homeless and €400-500 million direct losses.
Other Network estimates of the quake were;
GEOFON = 6.1Mw
EMSC = 6.1Mw
RAS = 6.1Ms, 5.9mb
GCMT = 6.1Mw
USGS = 6.0Mw, 5.8mb
LDEO = 6.4Mw 2012/05/20 02:03:52, 44.75 11.25, 33

Aftershock Map

(Data from INGV)
4 Foreshocks and 471 Aftershocks (Mag 5+ quakes are markedin order of occurrence i.e 1, 2, 3)
1. 5.9 at 02:03:52, Strada Provinciale Imperiale, 41034 Finale Emilia Modena
2. 5.1 at 02:07:31, Via Serragliolo, 287, 44012 Bondeno Ferrara
3. 5.1 at 13:18:02, Via Strozzi, 22/1, 44049 Vigarano Mainarda Ferrara

Click on Icon for event details.
To view larger map and the list, which has newest events at the top, click on text “View Larger Map” below map.

Last earthquake on map – 2.1ML, 29/05/2012 6:15:34, Lat: 44.909 Long: 11.462, Pianura_padana_emiliana

72 hour Aftershock Timeline Graph ( magnitude versus time) for the Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.9ML, 20/05/2012 earthquake based on data from the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
72 hour Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.9ML Aftershocks Graph

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