Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.8ML 29/05/2012 07:00:03

On May 29, 2012 at 09:00 Italian time, a 5.8ML earthquake hit Via Grande, 38-40, 41036 Medolla, in the Province of Modena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located about 45 km northwest of Bologna and about 25 km northeast of Modena.. The epicenter located by INGV Lat: 44.851 Long: 11.086 at a depth of 10.2km.
This quake follows the 5.9 of 20/05/2012 02:03:52 and 471 smaller aftershocks.
-17 fatalities, 350 injured, with 5 people reported missing. At least 20 people injured, 12 seriously.
These all have been in the province of Modena
-3 dead in San Felice sul Panaro: two workers and a technician who were doing some investigations on the static nature of the Meta Industry building,
-1 death in Concordia (an elderly person killed by a falling cornice)
-1 death in Finale,
-1 death of the pastor of Rovereto nel Novi, Don Ivan Martini, the victim of falling debris,
-2 women died in Cavezzo.
-1 woman died buried beneath the rubble of Furniture Malavasi,
-2 dead in the rubble of the factory Bbg San Giacomo Roncole in Mirandola,
-1 male worker died by crushing through the collapse of the Haemotronic factory (they produce medical equipment).
– approx 8000 people are homeless in addition to the 6000 from the May 20th quake.
– it has also been suggested that around 8000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed as a result of the May 29 quakes potentially totaling 250-300 million euros just by building losses.
Other Network estimates of the quake were;
GEOFON = 5.8Mw
EMSC = 5.8Mw
RAS = 6.0Ms, 6.0mb
GCMT = 5.9Mw, 5.8Ms
USGS = 5.8Mw, 5.8mb, 5.9ML
LDEO = 6.0Mw 2012/05/29 07:00:08, 44.75, 11.25, 33

Aftershock Map

(Data from INGV)
375 Aftershocks, Mag 5+ quakes are marked in order of occurrence continuing on from 29/05/2012 map, ie the 5.8 is marked as the 4th Mag 5.
5. a 5.3 at 10:55.57, Via Castello, 41039 San Possidonio, Modena
6. a 5.2 at 11:00:25, Via Borgoferro, 7, 41016 Novi di Modena, Modena
Click on Icon for event details.
To view larger map and the list, which has newest events at the top, click on text “View Larger Map” below map.

Last earthquake on map – 2.4ML, 1/06/2012 4:24:43, Lat: 44.839 Long: 11.038, Depth: 31, Via Ernesto Papazzoni, 37-75, 41032 Cavezzo Modena

72 hour Aftershock Timeline Graph ( magnitude versus time) for the Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.8ML, 29/05/2012 earthquake based on data from the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
72 hour Pianura padana emiliana, Italy 5.8ML Aftershocks Graph

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