Compare Networks – May 2012

When a large earthquake happens each Seismic Network seems to get a different result on the magnitude, and often the location as well.
Here I have taken the data from GFZ, EMSC, RAS and LDEO and mapped out each one for the period 2012/5/4 10:55:36 + 31 days.
The reason for starting 2012/5/4 10:55:36 is that is when I started saving LDEO data.
Also to be fair the lowest magnitude LEO have in their data is 4.6, so that is the cut off point for the other networks as well.
The maps below will differ from the individual Page maps (tabs at top of this frame) for each network due to the date and magnitude setting i.e. the Russian May Map starts 2012/5/1 and ends 2012/5/31 and the lowest magnitude is 3.4mb.

LDEO – Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

GFZ – German Research Centre for Geosciences

EMSC – European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

RAS – Russian Academy of Sciences, Geophysical Survey


The Gif animation below shows how much the locations vary, and how some quakes are missed totally by some networks
Compare Networks May 2012

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