Simav, Kütahya, Turkey, 19/05/2011, 5.8Mw and aftershocks


Date/Time (UTC): 19/05/2011 20:15:22
Lat: 39.1328 Long: 29.082
Magnitude: 5.7 Ml
Depth: 24.46 km
Energy Released: 5350.672TTNT
Catalog Source: DDA Catalog,
Turkish Republic Disaster and Emergency Management Presedency

[number of stations used in brackets]
DDA = 5.7ML
GFZ = 5.8 Mw
USG = 5.8mb [291], 5.8Ms [317], 5.8Mw [32], 5.3ML [24]
EMSC = 5.8 Mw [48]
RAS = 6.2mb [19], 5.8Ms [18]
GCMT = 5.9Mw, 5.8mb, 5.9Ms
The Simav earthquake occurred on the northwest of the Gediz Graben which is part of the West Anatolian expansion regime. This region, Simav Fault Zone, is surrounded by active faults with a West-Nortwest – East-Southeast directivity.
The depth of the earthquakes show that the seismogenic zone is changed 5-10 km. The aftershocks recorded between 19 May-20 June 2011 dates occurred on the SW block of the W-NW/E-SE aligned fault.


moment tensor solution by geofon

Network Plots

dda, usgs, gfz, emsc, ras, gcmt
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The earthquake was felt mainly in the province of Kutahya, together with the Agean and Marmara regions. In the province of Kütahya and its counties the event was felt strongly, whereas in İstanbul, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir, Manisa, Uşak, Eskişehir, Afyonkarahisar and Ankara the intensity has been weak. Slight damage was observed mainly in the county center of Simav, Gökçeler village and the town of Demirci. Minor damage was also observed in the counties of Şaphane, Pazarlar, Hisarcık and Gediz. [koeri}
Residents in over 10 provinces exited their homes and rushed into vehicles, with some people reportedly jumping from windows and balconies in panic upon the quake’s occurrence. Power supply was cut to most of Simav in order to prevent fires, and telephone lines in the area were down. Hundreds of structures in Samiv sustained damage, ranging from deep cracks to roof collapse. Several small fires were sparked by damaged stoves in collapsed apartments, and the tremor toppled furniture in most residences.
The earthquake injured a total 122 people; at least one person was reported to be in critical condition, and others suffered heart attacks and anxiety attacks. A man was killed after being struck in the head by a concrete block, while officials said an elderly woman in İnegöl died from cardiac arrest after the quake. [wikipedia]


During the first 72 hours after the main earthquake there were 775 aftershocks recorded, mag4=12, mag3=182, mag2=573 and mag1=8. The 775 aftershocks released the equivalent of 1071.031TTNT of energy.
In the 30 days following the mainshock, 3004 aftershocks recorded, mag4=20, mag3=427, mag2=2521, mag1= 35 releasing the equivalent of 22224.477TTNT of energy.

5.8Mw aftershocks 72hrs

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5.8Mw aftershocks 30 days

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