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August 1, 2012

9.0 Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011

The largest earthquake to ever hit Japan. Tsunami waves of up to 10 metres sweep away homes and vehicles. Shaking in Tokyo, major fire in Chiba and explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant, radiation leaked from a damaged reactor after an explosion blew the roof off. 210,000 people living near the nuclear reactors were evacuated
At least 15,703 people killed, 4,647 missing, 5,314 injured

Damage Estimates

14 trillion yen ($NZ233billion) ~ estimated cost of the earthquake and tsunami by Credit Suisse
111,944 ~ homes destroyed (Japan Fire Dept updated 04.08.2011)
139,870 ~ homes partially destroyed (JFD)
2 mllion ~ homes without power
1.4 million ~ homes with no running water


4 metres ~ distance Honshu (and perhaps the whole of Japan) moved east
20 metres ~ the distance the Pacific Plate moved west
16.5cm ~ the distance the earth moved off its axis, due to a redistribution of its mass
1.8 millionths of a second ~ cut off a day due to the earth spinning faster as a result of the planets redistribution of mass


JMA Observations Issued at 08:02JST 13 Mar 2011,
Max. Height: Soma, 7.3m or more; Oarai, 4.2m; Kamaishi, 4.1m or more; Miyako, 4.0m or more; Erimo-cho Shoya, 3.5m; Ishinomaki-shi Ayukawa, 3.3m or more; Ofunato, 3.2m or more; Mutsu-shi Sekinehama, 2.9m; Tokachi-ko , 2.8m or more; Nemuro-shi Hanasaki, 2.8m; Hachinohe, 2.7m or more; Urakawa, 2.7m; Hamanaka-cho Kiritappu-ko and Susaki-ko, 2.6m; Tomakomai-higashiko , 2.5m or more; Choshi, and Hakodate, 2.4m; Kushiro and Tomakomai-nishiko , 2.1m; Chichijima Futami, Oshima Mori-ko, Shiraoi-ko and Toba, 1.8m; Owase, 1.7m; Miyazaki-ko, Tahara-shi Akabane, Tateyama-shi Mera, Yokohama and Yokosuka, 1.6m;Tanegashima Kumano, 1.5m; Achijojima Yaene, Kushimoto-cho Fukuro-ko, Numazu-shi Uchiura and Omaezaki, 1.4m; Nachi-katsuura-cho Uragami, Tokyo Harumi, and Tosa-shimizu, 1.3m; Amami-shi Kominato and Hachijojima Kaminato, 1.2m; Gobo-shi Haraido, Nichinan-shi Aburatsu, and Shibushi-ko and Tokushima Yuki, 1.1m; Muroran-ko, Nagoya and Shirahama-cho Katata, 1.0m

Seismic Intensity (Regions)

JMA 7 (MM10 -12) Miyagi-ken Hokubu
JMA 6+ (MM10) Miyagi-ken Nambu, Miyagi-ken Chubu, Fukushima-ken Nakadori, Fukushima-ken Hamadori, Ibaraki-ken Hokubu, Ibaraki-ken Nambu, Tochigi-ken Hokubu, Tochigi-ken Nambu
JMA 6- (MM 9) Iwate-ken Engan-nambu, Iwate-ken Nairiku-hokubu, Iwate-ken Nairiku-nambu, Fukushima-ken Aizu, Gumma-ken Nambu, Saitama-ken Nambu Chiba-ken Hokuseibu
JMA 5+ (MM8) Aomori-ken Sampachi-Kamikita, Iwate-ken Engan-hokubu, Akita-ken Engan-nambu, Akita-ken Nairiku-nambu, Yamagata-ken Murayama, Yamagata-ken Okitama, Gumma-ken Hokubu, Saitama-ken Hokubu, Chiba-ken Hokutobu, Chiba-ken Nambu, Tokyo-to Nijusan-ku, Niijima-Kozushima, Kanagawa-ken Tobu, Yamanashi-ken Tobu-Fujigoko, Yamanashi-ken Chuseibu
JMA 5- (MM7) Akita-ken Engan-hokubu, Yamagata-ken Shonai, Yamagata-ken Mogami, Saitama-ken Chichibu, Tokyo-to Tama-tobu, Kanagawa-ken Seibu, Niigata-ken Chuetsu, Nagano-ken Chubu , hizuoka-ken Tobu,
JMA 4 (MM6) Ishikari-chiho Hokubu, Ishikari-chiho Nambu, Oshima-chiho Tobu, Oshima-chiho Seibu, Hiyama-chiho, Sorachi-chiho Nambu, Kamikawa-chiho Nambu, Iburi-chiho Chutobu, Hidaka-chiho Chubu, Hidaka-chiho Tobu, Tokachi-chiho Hokubu, Tokachi-chiho Chubu, Tokachi-chiho Nambu, Kushiro-chiho Chunambu, Aomori-ken Tsugaru-hokubu, Aomori-ken Tsugaru-nambu, Aomori-ken Shimokita, Akita-ken Nairiku-hokubu, Tokyo-to Tama-seibu, Kozushima, Niigata-ken Joetsu, Niigata-ken Kaetsu, Niigata-ken Sado, Nagano-ken Hokubu, Nagano-ken Nambu, Gifu-ken Mino-Chuseibu, Shizuoka-ken Izu, Shizuoka-ken Chubu, Aichi-ken Seibu

The map below shows the aftershocks recorded by NIEC/JMA from the main event at 11/03/2011 14:46:18 JST (11/03/2011 05:46:18 UTC) to the last of the day at 11/03/2011 23:57:43 JST (11/03/2011 14:57:43 UTC) a short period of 9 hours, 11 minutes

event list

mag1= 149
mag2= 138
mag3= 58
mag4= 87
mag5= 104
mag6= 29
mag7= 3
mag8= 0
mag9= 1
total= 569 events
total energy released= 485,791,877.490 TTNT of which 476,879,138.377 TTNT was the main magnitude 9.0ML quake.

Global Displacement Wavefields Graph

Understanding Global Displacement Wavefields Graphs

9.0 Tohoku GDW Graphclick on image for full size version, opens in new tab/window