Off Coast of Central America, 27/08/2012, 7.3Mw/6.8mb and aftershocks

A Very-Strong 7.3Mw earthquake has occurred offshore Central America, located by EMSC 134 km south of San Miguel, El Salvador
Date/Time UTC: 2012/08/27 04:37:21.1
Lat/Long: 12.32, -88.56
Depth: 24.9 Km
Number of Stations used: 252
Total Energy Released= 1,898,490.04 TTNT

In the interactive maps below click on Icon for event details.
To view a larger map and list (in decending order of occurance), click on text “View Larger Map” below map.

Aftershock map – 142 Hours – INETER data


gfz moment tensor solution


142 hours after the main shock [ineter data]
mag1=2, mag2= 36, mag3= 57
mag4= 13 , mag5= 2 , mag6= 1(mainshock)
total= 111 (incl. main shock)
total energy released= 240,832.397 TTNT

Other Magnitude Estimates:
mb 6.1 [ras] Mw 7.3 [gcmt] Ms 7.2 [ras] ML 5.6 [usgs] mb 6.8 [ineter]
Deaths: 0 Injuries: 6


Isla de Mendez = 0.7m, El Espiritu Santo = 0.6m, Canton Pimiental = 0.5m, Agua = 0.4m, Balneario El Espino = 0.4m, Corral de Mulas = 0.4m, Canoguero = 0.4m, Hacienda La Chepona = 0.3m, Guerrero = 0.3m, Conchaguita = 0.3m, El Cacao = 0.3m, El Zapote = 0.2m, El Salvador;
El Carmen = 0.4m, Jiquilillo = 0.2m, Nicaragua [gdacs]


Reported Felt as; [usgs] MMII at Antiguo Cuscatlan, Nueva San Salvador and San Salvador. Also felt at Apopa, Mejicanos, Santo Tomas and Usulutan. Felt at Tegucigalpa, Honduras and at Managua, Nicaragua.
The tsunami destroyed around 45,000 just hatched Ridley turtle eggs. This is around 6% of the total endangered eggs saved in the last 1.5 years. It also destroyed the hatcheries for turtle protection. []

Network Plots

Network estimates of the location of the main shock
INETER=Instituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales
RAS= Russian Academy of Sciences
EMSC= European Mediterranean Seismological Centre
GFZ= GEOFON Program, Potsdam, Germany
UGS= United States Geological Survey
GCMT= Global Centroid-Moment-Tensor Project

History 1854-2012 (Utsu and ANSS)

Historical events within a 200km radius of todays event. Data from Utsu’s “Catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World,” for the period 1854 to 1951 magnitude 6+ [10 events] and the Advanced National Seismic System catalog hosted by the Northern California Earthquake Data Center for the period 1962 to 2012 magnitude 5+[279 events]
Todays event marked at the EMSC location.

72 Hour Summary

72 hours aftershocks map

data summary

[ineter data]
72 hours after the main shock
mag6= 1 [mainshock 6.8mb]
mag5= 2
mag4= 11
mag3= 43
mag2= 32
mag1= 0
total= 89 (incl. main shock)
total energy released= 240,739.21 TTNT

Timeline Graph

72 hour Aftershock Timeline Graph ( magnitude versus time) for the Off Coast of Central America 6.8mb (7.4Mw) 27/08/2012 earthquake based on data from the Instituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales (INETER)
72 hour Off Coast of Central America 6.8mb Aftershocks Graph

309 Hour Summary

309 hours aftershocks map

[ineter data]

data summary 2

309 hours (12 days, 21 hours, 52 minutes) after the main shock
mag6= 1 [mainshock 6.8mb]
mag5= 2
mag4= 18
mag3= 77
mag2= 66
mag1= 9
total= 173 (incl. main shock)
total energy released= 241,033.81 TTNT

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