Thabeikkyin, Burma 2012-11-11 6.8Mw and aftershocks


Time: 2012-11-11 01:12:40.0 UTC
Magnitude: 6.8 (Mw)
Epicenter: 95.87°E 22.92°N
Depth: 15 km
Status: M – manually revised
F-E Region: Myanmar

TMD Local Network, Seismological Bureau , Thai Meteorological Department details
Time: 2012-11-11 08:12:39 THA.
2012-11-11 01:12:39 UTC.
Location: Burma (Myanmar)
Lat: 22.93 , Long: 95.99
Mag: 6.6ml

(number of stations used in brackets)
TMA = 6.6 ML
GFZ = 6.8 Mw
USG = Ms = 6.7 (762), mb = 6.3mb (226), ML = 6.2ML ( 6)
EMSC = 6.8 Mw (474)
RAS = Ms =6.6 (20), mb = 6.2 (20)
GCMT = 6.8 Mw

MTS [geofon]

moment tensor solution by geofon

In Thabaikkyin, 21 religious buildings, 4 schools, 48 departmental buildings and 102 houses were damaged. The official death toll has risen to 16 with five others still missing. 7 people were killed in Sagaing Division and 9 in Mandalay Division. 123 people were injured in total. Red Cross released higher figures that indicated at least 26 people were killed with 12 others missing and around 230 injured. Irrawaddy Bridge:- The Steel beam Yadana Theinga bridge crossing the Irrawaddy river which was under construction in the Kyaukmyaung sub-township collapsed, causing 6 deaths, 5 missing and 18 injured.[earthquake-]


TMD Aftershocks

ANSS History 5+

1963 to 2012 (200km circle from epi-center)
(zoom out for more)

NOAA Burma History 5+

1908 to 1956 (zoom out for more)

SNZO Graph of the Burma 6.8Mw and 5.8Mw aftershock

click on image for larger view
sno graph

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