Gulf of Alaska , 2012/11/12, 6.3Mw and aftershocks


Time: 2012-11-12 20:42:14 UTC
Magnitude: 6.3 Mw [637 stations]
Epicenter: 57.797°N, 142.809°W ± 1.8 km
Depth: 9.0 km
F-E Region: Gulf of Alaska
Location: 253km (157mi) S of Cape Yakataga, Alaska
MM2 Sitka [1], Cordova [3], Skagway [1], Valdez [1], Alaska; Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada [1]
MM1 Juneau [1], Alaska

(number of stations used in brackets)
GFZ = 6.3 Mw
USG = 6.3 Mw [637]
EMSC = 6.3 Mw (474)
RAS = Ms =6.6 (20), mb = 6.2 (20)
GCMT = 6.8 Mw


moment tensor solution by geofon

Network Plots

usgs, gfz, emsc, ras, gcmt

6.3Mw and Aftershocks

data from USGS

Gulf of Alaska 2012

data from ANSS

Last 10 year History

data from ANSS

History 1899 to 2012 All

data from ANSS and NOA

History 1899 to 2012 mag 5+

data from ANSS and NOA

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