ANSS Catalog

The ANSS (Advanced National Seismic System) composite catalog is a world-wide earthquake catalog that is created by merging the master earthquake catalogs from contributing ANSS institutions and then removing duplicate solutions for the same event.
As a composite catalog – comprised of contributions from member networks – the ANSS catalog is not uniform in its coverage. Many of the ANSS networks are funded by the USGS and began operations in the 1960s and 1970s.
The ANSS catalog contains a number of idiosyncrasies. For example, magnitudes for California earthquakes were not routinely reported until the 1940s. For global events, magnitudes are not routinely reported until the early 1960s.
The Advanced National Seismic System catalog is hosted by the Northern California Earthquake Data Center.

Areas covered by this page are;
Continental United States
Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
click on image for interactive version



Click on Icon for event details.
To view larger map and the list, which has newest events at the top, click on text “View Larger Map” below map.

January 2012 summary

Continental US: mag<1= 3104, mag1= 1697, mag2= 281, mag3=30, mag4= 2, mag5= 1, mag6=0, total=5115
Alaska: mag<1= 563, mag1= 1296, mag2= 453, mag3=77, mag4= 25, mag5= 2, mag6=0, total=2416
Puerto Rico: mag<1= 0, mag1= 0, mag2= 27, mag3=37, mag4= 0, mag5= 1, mag6=0, total=65
Hawaii: mag<1= 0, mag1= 76, mag2= 59, mag3=4, mag4= 1, mag5= 0, mag6=0, total=140
=7736 events on the map below

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