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May 22, 2013

Kamchatka May 2013

In May 2013 a Swarm, or Series, of Moderate to Strong earthquakes has occurred off the SE coast of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
Each Seismic Network often seems to get a different result on the magnitude and the location of each event and this gives a confusing overview of not only the location of the swarm but the shape and trend of the series as a whole.
Here I have taken the data from RAS, GFZ, EMSC and USGS and mapped out each Network’s data for the same time period period 14/05/2013 10:19 to 21/05/2013 04:59.
Lower down the page are two animations showing the differences in the locations estimated by each Network, at different scales 50km and 100km.

Interactive Maps

Click on Icon for event details.
To view larger map and the list, which has newest events at the top, click on text “View Larger Map” below map.



mag4= 24 , mag5= 39 , mag6= 5
total= 68
total energy released= 192,677.60 TTNT



mag4= 25 , mag5= 38 , mag6= 2
total= 65
total energy released= 134,221.637 TTNT



mag4= 47 , mag5= 30 , mag6= 1
total= 78
total energy released= 85,849.879 TTNT



mag4= 33 , mag5= 22 , mag6= 2
total= 57
total energy released= 72874.611 TTNT

Network Comparison Animations

100km scale

Kamchatka Swarm Animation at 100km scale

50km scale

Kamchatka Swarm Animation at 100km scale