China Earthquake Networks Center

National Seismic Network is a seismic monitoring network covering the whole country, the layout of the stations using the principle of uniform distribution station spacing of about 500 km, the national seismic network digital seismic stations from 48 countries (including 2002 month new Shiquanhe seismic stations) and a national seismic network center.
The data presented in the following maps is collected from the China Earthquake Networks unified earthquake catalog 2009 – present.
CST (China Standard Time) is UTC +8.

August 2014

mag1= 189 , mag2= 60 , mag3= 18 , mag4= 4 , mag5= 1 , mag6= 1 , mag7= 0 , total= 273 , TTNT= 85,408.264

July 2014

mag1= 2005 , mag2= 657 , mag3= 95 , mag4= 18 , mag5= 2 , mag6= 0 , mag7= 0 , total= 2777 , TTNT= 4,861.200

June 2014

mag1=5,222, mag2=1,491, mag3=168, mag4=31, mag5=0, mag6=0, mag7=0, total=6,912, TTNT=2,095.516

May 2014

mag1=4,452, mag2=2033, mag3=300, mag4=41, mag5=6, mag6=2, mag7=0, total=6,834, TTNT=227,125.498

April 2014

mag1=2306, mag2=859, mag3=150, mag4=29, mag5=4, mag6=0, mag7=0, total=3348, TTNT=10,910.229

March 2014

mag1=2,255, mag2=914, mag3=162, mag4=26, mag5=4, mag6=2, mag7=0, total=3,363, TTNT=201,835.925

February 2014

mag1=2,130, mag2=961, mag3=236, mag4=54, mag5=6, mag6=0, mag7=1, total=3,388, TTNT=1,359,430.904

January 2014

mag1=2,541, mag2=766, mag3=133, mag4=34, mag5=6, mag6=0, mag7=0, total=3,480, TTNT=17,998.672

Previous Years


Previous Years



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